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Do You Have a Hidden Talent You Can Share?

We all have things we are naturally talented in — hobbies we stumbled upon recently or ones we have been doing for as long as we can recall. It may even be an activity we turn to when we need to relax and unwind. Leveraging these hidden talents is an excellent way to give back. Here are a few ideas.

Many People Want to Give Back but Aren’t Sure How


You aren’t alone if you are eager to positively contribute in your community but aren’t sure what you might have to offer. You may have even signed up to volunteer but aren’t overly enthusiastic about the generic volunteer opportunities. It’s not that your contribution isn’t of value, but you simply may not be passionate about the limited assignment options. By identifying a need in a skill you truly enjoy, you are more likely to maintain a regular philanthropic schedule.

Your Skill Doesn’t Need to Be Anything Spectacular


While there are, without a doubt, meaningful philanthropic opportunities which require training or highly specialized skill sets, there are plenty that require you to do what comes naturally to you. For example, knitting, cooking and dancing. Some skills are so simple that you might not realize they are genuinely in need, such as driving, caring for animals, reading or even socializing. Yes, that’s right — socializing! You can truly make the day, or the entire week, of a lonely or disabled community member by stopping by to have a conversation.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Identify Your Perfect Philanthropic Opportunity


Websites designed to help you identify local, nationwide and global philanthropic opportunities make it easier than ever to find the perfect fit. While you can always contact your local non-profits and see what they need, you can also join websites that have a database full of opportunities. Some even match you with organizations aligned with your goals. A few to consider include:

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the many last-minute volunteer opportunities that arise. For example, collecting donations after a hurricane or other natural disaster. Also watch your local news which sometimes shares the acute needs of local families and non-profits.

You Don’t Have to Sign up With a Non-Profit

Another factor to consider when searching for the perfect outreach opportunities is that you don’t need to limit yourself to non-profits. You can also get involved by:

  • Reaching out to a neighbor in need

  • Donating arts and crafts you enjoy making to a worthy cause

  • Taking your own initiative to collect items of need

  • Signing up for a bake sale that contributes to a worthy cause

  • Reading to someone who has low-visibility

  • Collecting donations for a child in need of costly medical treatment

  • Spontaneously paying it forward

  • Cooking for a friend or family member after a surgery

The opportunities truly are endless. By identifying philanthropic opportunities that leverage your natural talents, you can do meaningful work while participating in something you already enjoy.

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